Saturday, 8 September 2018

Rob Coffinshaker's Underground Fire - Summer Ends

ROB COFFINSHAKERS UNDERGROUND FIRE (RCUF) is a swedish rock band formed in 2015 in Karlstad by Rob Coffinshaker (also THE COFFINSHAKERS, GEHENNAH, Timothy Griffith's Psychedelic Sunrise). RCUF play dark rock with influences from punk, gothic rock, power pop and classic rock.

RCUFs music has been described as "jet black gothic rock’n’roll that married fateful alternative country and has been soaked in kerosene."

Could it be that we are in the end of this summer with today's tune "Summer Ends", well who knows!

The band consists of:

Rob Coffinshaker - Vox, guitar
Anders Karlsson - Lead guitar
Robert Schlyter - Bass
Edvin Norrman - Drums

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