Friday, 14 September 2018

Brann Dailor - Red Death

MASTODONs Brann Dailor has released his first ever solo track "Red Death", inspired by a new DC Comics graphic novel.

As well as Dailor’s efforts on "Red Death", the track also boasts production efforts from Grammy winner Mike Elizondo and Guardians Of The Galaxy composer Tyler Bates.

Describing the track, Dailor said he was “super stoked to be part of this amazing musical collaboration, always been a fan of anything Batman related and DC Comics as a whole, so the chance to be connected to that universe is a dream come true.”

Last year, Dailor joined the rest of MASTODON in making a cameo on Game Of Thrones.

The song is based on the DC Universe’s 2018 event “Dark Nights: Metal”, where alternate reality versions of Batman invade the mainline DC and bring it to the brink of destruction. One of those creatures is Red Death – a tragic amalgamation of Batman and Flash.

Red Death was born in a parallel world, where Batman (Bruce Wayne) lost everything and everyone he loved. Desperate to bring them back, he begs the Flash (Barry Allen) to go back in time and save them. But Flash reminds him of what happened last time and refuses. So Bruce goes after his last remaining friend.

In the end, he captures and tortures him until he finds a way to possess Flash’s body and travel back in time himself. It doesn’t work – the new reality is even worse than the previous one. The new world is a post-Apocalyptic nightmare, with Bruce (and Barry trapped inside his head) being the only living beings on it.

The song is written from Bruce’s point of view and features multiple references to the events of the comic.

Enjoy today's tune!

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