Saturday, 22 January 2011

Deep Purple - Space Truckin

Im in the nostalgic mood again :D

How about an old groovy Purple? A very loooong one! On the remastered version of their 1982 album Live in London album, there is a 31 minute long live version of the song.

This tune was one of my favvo to shake my legs to.
Full of dynamic solos and jam :D
When it was first performed live, the band appended an instrumental that was originally part of the song "Mandrake Root" on their first album but gradually evolved into a showcase for Jon Lord's Hammond organ and Ritchie Blackmore's guitar solos. This usually took the length of the overall song to over twenty minutes, and was always performed as the last number of the main set. A good example of this arrangement can be found on the Made in Japan album, wherein Blackmore also quotes "Fools" of Fireball "cello" solo.

Lets shake the hairy ones :D

Folks, Here is Ian Gillan,

Jon Lord,

Ritchie Blackmore,

Roger Glover

and Ian Paice

Yeah, Thetania

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