Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Bellrays - Black Lightining

The Bellrays are an American group that combines garage rock music with soul singing styles. The band consists of Lisa Kekaula (vocals), Bob Vennum (guitar), Justin Andres (bass) and Stefan Litrownik (drums). The group, founded in the early 1990s in Riverside, California, prides itself on its independence. They have been with several independent labels, including Upper Cut, Poptones, Alternative Tentacles, Bittersweet, Shock, Cheap Lullaby, Vicious Circle, Anodyne.

On the group's MySpace page, they describe themselves as follows:
"High Octane Rock and Roll! Biography schmiography! Who cares about where they came from or what they did before or how many records they put out. Stats are not what music or this band is about. If you have an open mind and want something challenging in your life then this is where you want to stop and listen. Just take it in and make up your own mind. You want somebody to tell you what it is go to Kelly Clarkson's website instead. You tell us what we're about and then tell your friends whether you like it or not."

Todays tune is the title track from their latest release "Black Lightining"

Black Ligthning is a real smoker, a fast-paced song with cool riffs and a singer who howls like never before with a ton of soul which makes it incredibly difficult to sit still ...

Actually, I wanted to have another song called "Hell on Earth" but were unable to find a single audio or video clips online, you are free and are curious, check it on Spotify here!

The BellRays doing a short intreview about "Black Lightning"

More info @ Official Website or The BellRays at MySpace

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