Monday, 31 January 2011

Roger Waters - The Wall

Roger Waters are comming to Stockholm in May!!!
This is a very big moment for all Roger Waters fans as well as Pink Floyds fans.

For those who dont know who he is:
George Roger Waters is an English musician, singer-songwriter and composer. He was a founding member of the rock band Pink Floyd, serving as bassist and co-lead vocalist. Following the departure of bandmate Syd Barrett in 1968, Waters became the band's lyricist, principal songwriter and conceptual leader.

Roger Waters and The Wall will land in 25 European cities to celebrate that it's been 30 years since the album The Wall was released, and with Waters himself hinted that this will be his last tour, this will be nothing more than decade's hottest.

Starting in March 2011, Roger Waters and The Wall, visit the following cities: Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Arnhem, Budapest, Prague, Lodz, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Manchester, Dublin , Antwerp, Paris, Mannheim, Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf.

Previously, the show's production was too large to be taken on tour around the world, but with new stadiums and new technology the dilemma is solved , and now, after months of thorough planning, Waters has updated both the feeling and the visuals of the show to ensure that it is consistent with the dazzling extravagant impression that The Wall live once became so legendary for. This allowed yet another generation to be inspired by the equally grandiose as breathtaking audiovisual experience.

The show begins with the wall torn down and during the show the first part being built up again, block for block. During the show's last part is the wall completely finished. Roger Waters has developed a dynamic new video graphic and illustrative images projected on the wall that keeps the gigantic dimensions of 743 square meters. The show contains grandiose special effects such as Gerald Scarves original illustrations, a crashing airplane, kvadrofoniskt sound, pyrotechnics, the spot pods, giant inflatable figures, projections, video projections and a number of other profound effects.

Roger Waters band on tour made up of Dave Kilminster (guitar), Snowy White (guitar), GE Smith (guitar) Jon Carin (keyboards), Harry Waters (keyboards), Graham Broad (drums), Robbie Wyckoff, Jon Joyce (Vocals) , Michael Lennon (vocals), Mark Lennon (vocals) and Kipp Lennon (vocals).

Ladys and Gents, here are some videos of Roger Waters.


Love, Thetania

Roger telling about the show.

Promovideo for the tour.

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