Tuesday 4 January 2011

Kvelertak - Blodtørst

Well-deserved space on the list's second place goes to the Norwegian Kvelertak, the band stepping in out of nowhere with their self-titled debut album. After I listened through the album I was totally excited and just wanted more of the mix of crazy dirty punk rock core and the explosive energy that the band has.

Kurt Ballou (Converge) has produced the album provides a good seal in the book about how this should sound and then John Baizley (Baroness) has designed the cover's another plus.

The band pick shamelessly inspired by every corner of something that could fit into their idea, regardless of genre. And they manage to actually create something of their own of everything and piece together an interesting album full of furious live energy. They manage to really capture me as a listener, perhaps the element of the three guitars they use to provide additional depth to the songs that capture my attention.

Each song is played with such enthusiasm, passion and energy that they fly out of the speakers. The songs are punchy with a great mix of riffs & remover. The singer Erlend Hjelvik really takes a stranglehold on the microphone and goes berserk when he howls out his Norwegian texts in a mighty scream.

Kvelertak's debut album is an extremely pleasant experience, ideal not only for fans of hardcore, but anyone who appreciates heavy energetic music.

A double review was made on WeRock by Martin Bensch and me, read this here!

And yes this one is released on Vinyl, a real beautiful product.

Live RXR Stavanger 04.09.2010

More info @ Official Kvelertak Website or at MySpace

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