Monday, 20 April 2020

Dopelord - Sign Of The Devil

Monday, new week. It's time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Sign Of The Devil" is the fourth full-length by the Polish doom/stoner veterans DOPELORD. A band that was founded in late 2010 in Lublin. Smoking, rehearsing and touring. Their main inspirations are old movies, 70s music, and magical herbs.

This follow-up to 2017’s great album "Children Of The Haze" offers a pretty similar trip in the traditional stoner doom world. There is one difference in the latest effort comparing to the previous releases, the songwriting has increased a lot and makes "Sign Of The Devil" as DOPELORDs finest release so far.

36 minutes is what "Sign Of The Devil" clocks in at, that divided into 6 tunes, lights up pretty quickly that the songs hold a rather moderate long play. Tune low, play slow and heavy, a typical signature for a band like this. The tunes take some time and let the demon slowly get up close, and when the time is right, beat their sharp claws hard and deep in your human body.

The album opens up with a thick bassline in "The Witching Hour Bell", the tune has a driven drony line with clean vocals, the same formula is used in "World Beneath Us" and "Heathen", the later with a more melodic vocal vibe. The filthy blackened "Hail Satan" has some mixed vocals between harsh and clean, it also contains some incredible riffs and it's very groovy, psychedelic and ends with a nice synth part which gives the tune a cool facelift. The excellent titled "Doom Bastards" falls just off of the ten-minute mark, heavy and slow spacey leads that after a while falls into the heavy and earth-cracking riffs in a bed of roses with a devil trying to recruit you to the other side. The album closes with the punky and speedy "Headless Decapitator" that really shows that they can leave the slow pace and get a bit electrified. So get ready to shake your overweight body to this. DOPELORD has really managed to create an interesting and well-made experience that contains earth-cracking riffs, low tuned doom to headbanging rock. At least Satan will wave his hands high for this release.

The amazing album artwork that captures all the classic doom influences, like kings, magic, darkness, religion, plague, and deaths is made by Fabian Staniec (Pathogen Tattoo)

Piotr Zin aka Klusek - Bass, Vocals
Paweł Mioduchowski aka Miodek - Guitar, Vocals
Grzegorz Pawłowski Mroku - Guitar
Piotr Ochociński - Drums

Today's tune "Doom Bastards" is taken from "Sign Of The Devil", the album was released March 10, 2020. Enjoy!

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