Thursday, 2 April 2020

Mamiffer - All That Is Beautiful

SIGE Records is owned and operated by Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Vashon, Washington. The owners also have an experimental music project called MAMIFFER.

The long-arc vision of Faith Coloccia has deftly traversed a sonic terrain with an emotional depth and compositional restraint rarely found in contemporary music. Across multiple albums, EPs, and splits, she and her collaborators have tapped into the passionate elements of life—the sublime joys and the harrowing losses - while also providing a score to the less definable moments; the pensive times of solace, the dissonant chapters of uncertainty, and the meditative sojourns. MAMIFFER's latest album, "The Brilliant Tabernacle", transmutes darkness and rejoices in the force of life by illuminating the beauty of creation. Beginning with a foundation of piano, organ, and voice, Coloccia enlisted her partner and long-time collaborator Aaron Turner along with a congregation of auxiliary musicians to help her construct “a guiding light” in the form of seven songs.

Today's tune "All That Is Beautiful", is taken from the album “The Brilliant Tabernacle” (released November 1, 2019), The tune is a poetic salve buttressed by Coloccia’s piano, Jon Mueller’s communal drum patterns, Veronica Dye’s constellating flute, and Turner’s dichotomous combination of bucolic acoustic guitar and distorted squall. Coloccia weaves a private psalm of global stewardship and personal strength—a prime example of her music serving as a talisman in a labyrinthine world, enjoy!

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