Monday, 31 August 2020

Nite - Darkness Silence Mirror Flame

Monday, a new week and it's time to present "Record Of The Week".

"Darkness Silence Mirror Flame" is the debut album by dirty blackened heavy metal band NITE.

The San Francisco based rockers NITE was founded in 2018 by the guitar and vocalist Van Labrakis (SATAN’s WRATH, MENCEA), guitarist Scott Hoffman (DAWNBRINGER, HIGH SPIRITS), bassist Bryan Coons (OLDER SUN, MOTORHOME), and the drummer Pat Crawford (SERPENTS OF DAWN, OLDER SUN).

"Darkness Silence Mirror Flame" was recorded by NITE’s Van Labrakis at The Hoagie Container and 210 Studios San Francisco, mixed and mastered by Van Labrakis at 210 Studios, produced by Van Labrakis and NITE, and completed with cover artwork by Misanthropic Arts. The album was released by Creator-Destructor Records on Aug 21, 2020.

"Darkness Silence Mirror Flame" contains eight searing songs that clocks in at full three-quarters where the band unfold stories of horror, darkness, and despair. Delivering traditional heavy metal with blackened vocals, heavily influenced by the NWOBHM and the heavy metal titans of the 1980s, NITE brings us back to the golden age of heavy metal. The album is full of razor-sharp guitars, blazing leads, earth-shattering bass, and punishing drums set the stage for the filthy and harsh vocals. Its classic heavy metal that is newly renovated and painted black. The sound is awesome and the harsh vocal marries well with the music and I do love what I hear. From the opening tune, "Genesis" with its dual guitars, double drum beats in a classic sound makes me almost pee in my pants. The tune is catchy and very melodic, almost like HIGH SPIRITS, but with blackened harsh vocals and more darkened lyrics. The opening recipe is the ground for what's to come. Thrashy and guitar-heavy "The Way" continues on the same path where we in the tune "Lucifer" slows down a bit, put on the evil goth hat. "Ezelia" have some doomish over it, heavy in a melodic way, and spices it up with great solos here and there. The catchy rockers "Night Terrors" and "Chains" are two great tunes in the classic heavy metal way, great riffing, and very catchy, especially the latter one. "Bright" is a classic metal ballad with blackened vocals and in the end, it's almost like Joe Satriani jams with SURVIVOR :) The album closes with the super-catchy "Acolytes", epic and bouncy where it's hard to sit still. The album is musically just great, well created with some really cool riffing, great drumming and well played bass lines. The album is almost perfect, a bit too monotonous singing, would have liked a little more variety then this would have been magical.

Sum: A great blackened heavy metal from current and past members of SATAN’s WRATH, DAWNBRINGER, and HIGH SPIRITS.

Van Labrakis - Guitar / Vocals
Scott Hoffman - Guitar
Bryan Coons - Bass
Pat Crawford - Drums

Today's tune "The Way" is taken from "Darkness Silence Mirror Flame", enjoy!

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