Thursday, 28 June 2018

Aboleth - No Good

ABOLETH is a dirty heavy blues bruisers from dusty California. On May 25th they released their debut album "Benthos", order it from their bandcamp here!

From "Benthos" we pick the a video released of the tune "No Good", a heavy blues rocker with more ZEPPELIN than SABBATH, catchy hooks, sludgy riffs and a vocal that really shines pieces of Joplin whisky-drenched soaring vocals occasionally. The Video is directed by Dugan Na$H, the director of photography: Mariana Fiel First AD: Duffey Westlake Editor: Dugan Na$H. Album artwork: Brigitte Roka photo: George Contreras

Filmed on location in Reefer City, California


Brigitte Roka - vocals
Collyn McCoy - baguitar
Dan Joeright - studio drums
Rick Ferrante - live drums

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