Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Death Alley - Murder Your Dreams

Amsterdam four piece heavy rockers DEATH ALLEY have released their second album, "Superbia", March 23 as their debut on Century Media. The eight-track outing is rife with a progressive feel even beyond what the band brought to their 2015 Tee Pee Records first long-player, Black Magick Boogieland (review here), and no, I’m not just talking about the King Crimson-style chase scenes tucked into 11-minute closer “The Sewage.” It’s the whole record. Even as the opening push of “Daemon” seems to pick up where “Supernatural Predator” from the preceding full-length left off, it does so bring together different sides of DEATH ALLEYs sound — the melody and the danger — the raw earth thrust and the outer space presence.

Behold DEATH ALLEY. The New Wave of Dutch Loudness gave birth to not just another band. No, thriving on the sharp edges of Motörhead’s rock and roll, soaked in MC5-fuelled protopunk and forged with Sabbath’s edginess, DEATH ALLEY brings a unique swinging rawness that savors of BLUE OYSTER CULT on steroids.

The band – that features ex-members of GEWAPEND BETON, MUHR, and THE DEVILs BLOOD – will surprise you with an unorthodox cross contamination of fine metal and rock ‘n roll tunes, crowned with a pitch black psychedelic soul cherry.

Today's tune "Murder Your Dreams", taken from the album "Superbia".

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