Friday, 15 June 2018

Heliod - Lone Wolf

In the beginning there was the God of the Sun.

And with his light he created his sons.

They are from now on their way to spread his light. With music...

HELIOD hails from Dresden, Germany and on their self titled debut do they captured the essence of their wandering so far. Without any label or producer but the help of friends and family, they came out with 8 songs, each packed with dense atmosphere fed by different genres. Songs which resemble their journey through the warm, the cold, the me and the us…

A journey through the sounds of the Sun. And the Moon… For a recording that launches from the swamp, makes a flyby of the sun and concludes with a moon landing, HELIODs eponymous debut is suitably propulsive and cosmically-inclined. The voyage is ably achieved on the strength of an interstellar riff rocket, eight groove generators and a tankful of ballistic blues.


Tom Schneppat: guitar, vocals
Tom Witschel: guitar
Maximilian Meyer: bass guitar
Martin Jahn: drums

All Songs written and performed by HELIOD
Organs in "Trees" performed by Falk Schönfelder
Recorded at MorningWood Studios by Ralf & Falk Schönfelder
Mixed by Peter Heise
Mastered by Johannes Frank at Feinklang-Mastering Leipzig
Released April 13, 2018

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Today's tune "Lone Wolf" is taken from the self titled debut album, enjoy!

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