Monday, 11 June 2018

Graveyard - Peace

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Peace" is the fifth studio album by Swedish hard rock band GRAVEYARD.

After a turbulent time after the previous release "Innocence & Decadence" the band decided to throw in the towel and put the band in hibernation. January 26, 2017, saw the re-opening of the doors of perception as GRAVEYARD announced they were back, but this time without founding drummer Axel Sjöberg that decided he wanted to stay in his new band, so they recruited Oskar Bergenheim as the new drummer.

"Peace" is a like a flowing stream of liquid rock, groovy rhythms, and interesting lyrics. The last album "Innocence & Decadence" was a great album, but "Peace" is something else, the creation vain and the joy to be able to play again shines thru the music and the lyrics, which adds a happy and very bumpy (legs) ride when you let this album loose on the turntable. I really like what I hear, fuzzy tones and straight-forward rock with the characteristic sound GRAVEYARD have.

The album starts with a speedy and very groovy tune "It Ain’t Over Yet", and I scream hell yeah! Tunes like the beauty "See The Day" that is just stunning with bassist Truls Mörck on vocals, he also sings on "Birds Of Paradise". "Cold Love" just melts me like a package of butter in the sun and the drumming is meaty and light at the same time, well played Oscar, a really refreshing recruit! , the first single "Please Don't" is a very riff-heavy piece, that will knock most of the GRAVEYARD fans around the globe. "Walk On" is truly a piece of art, the riffing between Jonatan and Joakim is amazing, the rhythms from the bass licks and the drumming is stunning. The band has really outdone them self here! "Del Manic" is slow bluesy tune wile "A Sign of Peace" is more uptempo, straight ahead rocker. The shortest tune is the Garage rocker "The Fox" to the longest "Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)", album closer with its organ sounding blues-locomotive rhythms that make your heart pump an extra inch every single minute the tune spins. "Peace" is an excellent comback album that is really fun to listen to. The album was produced by Chips Kiesbye.

Sum: GRAVEYARD is back more hungry than ever, and with a new energy in the album "Peace" is something you wouldn't miss.

Today's tune "Please Don't" was the first single from "Peace", enjoy!

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