Monday, 7 September 2015

Year Of The Goat - Vermin

Monday, time to introduce this weeks "Record Of The Week", this week we stay on Swedish soil and bow for YEAR OF THE GOAT and their latest album "The Unspeakable". It's about a month ago when we had the first tune of "The Unspeakable" played here at Tune Of The Day, that was the song "The Emma", then we stretched out our arms and praised the other side for a brilliant drop!

In these times of global upheaval YEAR OF THE GOAT will add fire to chaos and ignite the branches spread out for Christ by his flock to further the triumphal return of a Lord that never left… So rejoice in sin, every hour and every second is yours and yours only, just like every year is, and always has been, the YEAR OF THE GOAT!

"The Unspeakable" is a finely crafted piece, which is chock full of conjuring tone and with sinister knells, a magic mix of species, like a tin of "Chimichurri". "The Unspeakable" kicks of very brave, a epic 13 minute killer with sprawling twists full of progressive and dark gothic influences! The Second tune "Pillars of The South" they serve us with a straight rocker with great riffing and the vocal harmonies are just stunning. The 3:rd track we have played before, the amazing ballad where we get more of the astonishing use of the vocals and organ! That YEAR OF THE GOAT knows how to create amazing tunes is shown on this record only after the three first tunes. "Vermin" with it's more folk rockish approach gives the album a great highlight, it's catchy and melodic! The tunes "The Wind", "Black Sunlight" both rock on with all the ingredients you know to love so far and this keeps going thru until the end when the album closer "Riders With Vultures" get's on, a bombastic tune, where YOTG gives us a majesty of progressive rock in the same spirit as the first epic tune.

A quick summary of "The Unspeakable".

It's captivating, majestic and surprisingly fresh "Chimichurri"
You need to add to your collection! 

This one of the limited edition Vinyl releases of "The Unspeakable", yes I got this version!

Today's tune "Vermin" is taken from "The Unspeakable"

Sorry! No Video on this track, so please check out Spotify below for the link! Give it a listen and you will love it!

YEAR OF THE GOAT - The Unspeakable (Teaser)

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