Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bruce Dickinson - Tears Of The Dragon

Sunday, time for a classic. "Tears of the Dragon" is the first single from Bruce Dickinson's second solo album, Balls to Picasso, released on 28 May 1994. The song is talking about the departure of Dickinson from IRON MAIDEN.

Balls to Picasso is a Hard rock album that was released in 1994. It is the second effort in Dickinson's solo career and the first released after he had officially left IRON MAIDEN.

This record marked the beginning of Dickinson's collaborations with Roy Z, who would work on many of Dickinson's later albums including Accident of Birth, The Chemical Wedding and Tyranny of Souls. Stylistically it departs from Tattooed Millionaire but is still more traditional-sounding than the follow-up album Skunkworks released in 1996. Later, Dickinson said that he and Roy Z were talked into making the album less heavy than it should have been.

Dickinson started working on his second solo album while still in IRON MAIDEN. For the very first recording sessions he recruited the British band SKIN. Not satisfied with the style of the effort, Dickinson aborted the recording. His next attempt at a second solo album was a collaboration with producer Keith Olsen. Dickinson decided to scrap this project as well and teamed up with guitarist Roy Z and his band TRIBE OF GYPSIES to write and record Balls to Picasso. Songs from the previous recording sessions later resurfaced as b-sides on singles from Balls to Picasso and subsequently also as bonus tracks on the album's 2005 extended edition.

In the Anthology DVD, Dickinson said that he regrets not naming the album "Laughing in the Hiding Bush" after one the song of the same name. The song itself is dedicated to his son, Austin, who penned the title.

Today's tune "Tears Of The Dragon" is taken from Dickinson's second solo album, Balls to Picasso.

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En av mina favorit låtar med honom.

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Det är en grymt bra låt!