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Operation: Mindcrime - Burn

OPERATION: MINDCRIME is a progressive metal band that is fronted by the former lead singer of QUEENSRŸCHE, Geoff Tate, and features members such as John Moyer (also known for being in DISTURBED) and Simon Wright (also known for his work with AC/DC and Ronnie James Dio). The group signed a worldwide deal in December 2014 with Frontiers Music Srl for its coming releases. Their debut album, The Key, which is part one of a trilogy, will be released on September 18, 2015.

Tate was fired from QUEENSRŸCHE in 2012, as his relationship with the rest of the band had deteriorated. The acrimonious split caused a considerable amount of discord among fans and major lawsuits began. Tate filed suit for wrongful termination while the band counter-sued citing what it alleged as violent behavior by Tate. With an ongoing court case over the rights to use the name 'QUEENSRŸCHE' going on, Tate announced his own line-up under the name, leading to two bands using the name while actively touring at the same time. Tate's group released the album Frequency Unknown, produced and mixed by Jason Slater, on April 23, 2013 in the U.S. Although selling well, the release picked up mixed reviews from music critics and somewhat of a fan backlash.

Following a settlement, Tate was granted the exclusive performance rights to the band's concept albums Operation: Mindcrime (1988), and Operation: Mindcrime II (2006). Those two releases garnered both critical praise and widespread commercial success for the group, with Tate then serving as its frontman. In return, musicians Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield, Todd La Torre, and Eddie Jackson retained all rights to the 'QUEENSRŸCHE' brand.

Tate was allowed, according to the settlement, to perform with his own line-up under the name QUEENSRŸCHE until his tour concluded on August 31, 2014, after which his group announced to adopt the official name OPERATION: MINDCRIME. The La Torre-fronted QUEENSRŸCHE has retained the right to perform material coming from and related to the two Operation: Mindcrime albums live. The legal set-up is somewhat similar to that of Roger Waters' relationship to his former group Pink Floyd, in which both artists have performed songs from The Wall live.

About the group, Tate has said, "It is so refreshing to be able to concentrate on the many stories and ideas that I have been working on with no boundaries or restrictions." He's also remarked, "I think fans will continue to enjoy the music we create and perform together and hope they share this new musical journey with us."

In late 2014, Tate began working on a new concept album. Planned as a trilogy of albums, he has claimed it as one of his most ambitious works to date. The band signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers Music Srl for its coming releases in December 2014.

In 2015, John Moyer (DISTURBED, ADRENALINE MOB), Brian Tichy (BILLY IDOL, OZZY OSBOURNE), and Scott Moughton (CANDLEBOX) became full time members after the departures of Rudy Sarzo and Robert Sarzo.

Their debut album and first of the trilogy, The Key, will be released on September 18, 2015. The album will feature a guest appearance from MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson

The story about OPERATION: MINDCRIME and the upcoming concept album "The Key"

Todays tune "Burn" taken from the upcoming album "Key". Is it good or not, well judge yourself and please add a comment with your thoughts.

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Den här plattan suger faktiskt stenhårt. Maken till dynga har jag inte hört sen...ja...just innan Tate splittrades med Queensryche och de sket ur sig den där Chaos-plattan.

Ge upp eller börja höra LÅTAR igen! :-)