Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Raubtier - En Hjältes Väg

For over a week ago, Debaser, Stockhom got a visit of Pain & Raubtier who made their last and final gig on the "Griståget tour" (Pigtrain tour). The name of the tour is a celebration of Pain and Raubtiers old heroes. The name "Griståget" (Pigtrain) was a tour collaboration in 1993 between Eddie Meduza and Svullo. The name was a travesty of "Rocktåget" (Rocktrain).

Toys, Toys, Toys, it was something that popped up everywhere when the Raubtiers stuff came up. Radio controlled airplanes, tanks ... a whole fucking toy shop ... haha. To spend one gig days pay in a toy store is pretty crazy, there is probably no one else who does this besides just Raubtier. A bit crazy, but really wonderful guys, you know one of those few.

Their performance was really good, extremely good response from the audience who sang along to every line of text, shaking their fists and shouted right where it would be, in other words, a perfect band to warm up before the main act.

During their gig did they got accompanied on stage by the band Pain, André Skaug (bassist from Clawfinger), Pär Sundström (bassist from Sabaton) and Joakim Broden (singer from Sabaton), resulting in a huge boost to the audience and Raubtier.

A little funny detail was at Changeover when Raubtiers gadgets should get down from the stage and Pains stage be prepared, there was one of the members of the Sabaton (no names mentioned) in the way all the time, all the time is well to exaggerate, but it was kind of funny when we ran into each other all time, at one point I thought he fitted well to will the first camouflage holder (Rabutier had two large cammo nets hanging over the scene), it was a very interesting sight, suited well with Sabaton :-)

This time I was unfortunately unable to photograph the gig, so you simply have to make it with my before the gig pictures and then i have some pictures from the festival photographer Jasmin Wikström.

Stage Gadgets



Photo by Jasmin Wikström © Festivalphoto

Todays tune "En Hjältes Väg" taken from their second album Skriet från vildmarken - 2010. Its a kinda cool "Viking Video" were the hero is played by Martin "E-type" Eriksson.

Talked with Hulkoff during the day and he told me some secrets about next year, one thing was about an upcoming tour...

The band have had some trouble to find the perfect bas player, but it looks like they have finally find the perfect match.

Current line up is:

Pär Hulkoff - Vox, guitar
Mattias "Buffeln" Lind - drums
Jonas Kjellgren - bass, background vox (bass player nr 5)

More info @

Official Raubtier Web
Official Raubtier MySpace
Cover Art by Ajay Sahu

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