Monday, 28 November 2011

In Flames - Delight And Angers

In Flames who is out on tour made ​​a stop at Hovet, here in Stockholm. With a nice package of rock bands as Trivium, Ghost, Rise To Remain and Insense. I was obvious that i had to witness this. However, I missed the first 3 bands, including Ghost that I encountered in the corridor on the way down. Dastardly, that was actually the band that I wanted to see, but the times I got was wrong. Well you can not get everything.

Once I got there it was time for Trivium to play, it was ok but a bit boring, a band that not quite get me to be interested. But when it was time for the main act to get on, it became much better, In Flames, which always delivers quality music live and did so this time too, I'm not going on for very long, this time without reference to a excellent report that WeRock colleague "Fredrik Sandberg" has written, read it here!, also take time to read the well-written lines of another colleague "Tomasz Swiesciak" who wrote for the magazine Gaffa, read it here!

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Todays tune "Delight And Angers" is taken from the bands ninth studio album "A Sense of Purpose"

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Setlist from Hovet:

01 Sounds of a Playground Fading
02 Deliver Us
03 All for Me
04 Trigger
05 Alias
06 Colony
07 Swim
08 The Hive
09 The Quiet Place
10 Where the Dead Ships Dwell
11 Fear Is the Weakness
12 Come Clarity
13 Ropes
14 Darker Times
15 Liberation
16 Only for the Weak
17 Delight and Angers
18 Cloud Connected
19 The Mirror's Truth
20 Take This Life

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