Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox)

Today we offer something completely different when we look back at last week's events when the beat pounds heavily at Arenan, Stockholm. When I was booked in for this and heard the that there would be a band called Skrillex I thought that now it will be a danceband (classic old Swedish), o god, this will be fun! Haha.

With danceband I am thinking about bands like "Vikingarna", "Lasse Stefanz" among others, the name Skrillex reminds actually very much about it.

You know, big shirt collars, color uniformity, sequins and a pasted grin. Songs of love and everything sounds exactly the same. Boring in other words. But here I was deceiving myself completely, Skrillex who is a DJ who creates music, a style known as Dub step. But during the day, I basically learn all about him, people thought I was a bit odd when I was not aware of him and the style, but what the hell, i can not know everything, but i do now :-) What have I learned of this, yes you should not judge the band by name.
That was how I thought it would be like:)

Sonny John Moore age 23, is an American electronic dance music producer who is widely known by his professional name Skrillex. Moore is also a former frontman for the American emo band From First to Last. Now he is one most acclaimed American dance producer and become a style icon with his geeky glasses and a sprawling gothic thatch.

A lip-shaped lighting rig and a table with DJ gear on, that's it!, well, there were also lots of subs that covered the entire stage floor, that's allot for a venue like this. Once they started playing, the bass was the foundation of every song, and hell of a thousand, what a pressure it got. A totally sold-out Arenan were dancing so stuff a floor down was vibrating, had dinner at Klubben which is located slightly below Arenan, where the things was swaying like the lightingtross, including the speakers in the ceiling tossing fresh, almost as if they were falling down. It was quite frightful. Bass pressure created a very interesting squeaking sound that reminded some of a neighbour's "out of tune" bed in action, kept the beat :-)

Regarding the gig, well this is not my cup of coffee, but can say that it was a pretty fun experience.

Photo: Emma Svensson

Flux Pavilion in Action


Thetania in Action

To compensate it up a little musical terms, we take two songs on a board today!

Todays tune "First of the Year (Equinox)" was released as the first single from Skrillex's third EP, More Monsters and Sprites. The exclamations used in the song that say "Call 911 now!" are from a video on YouTube of an irate woman yelling at a crowd of which she presumes to be illegal photographers.

 Todays 2:nd tune "Get Up" is a track written and recorded by Korn that appears on their tenth studio album, The Path of Totality. It was released as the album's lead single on May 6, 2011. Since its release it has sold over 200,000 downloads in the United States. It was debuted live at Coachella with Skrillex. "Get Up!" is Korn's most successful single since 2007's "Evolution".

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