Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bring Me The Horizon - Chelsea Smile

The british metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon gets up on stage as the evening's third band during Machine Head's flag and festival package's main support band. You find out right away that there is a different type of audience that would like to see this band. The slightly older crowd step aside and go to the bar that fills up quickly. When the band gets on so well is great joy among the younger female part of the audience. Setlist is mixed this time with both new and previously records . Here you can could witness that mosh pits and circle pits was formed and it becomes like that wonderfully insane. The band clear the hell on stage got damn what a energy the guys have. Oliver Sykes is exactly like a released monkey who had been trapped for a long time, the runs around like a maniac and climbing on everything that can be climbed on.

Almost the entire evening stood those lightly dressed young girls off at Bring Me The Horizon's bus and waited for the band would pass by, so they could get some pictures, autographs and maybe a hug, christ's cold outside! Burr!

Here is some photos from the BMTH day!

Guitar World Of BMTH

Loads Of Guitar BMTH Picks!



Crazy Monkey Time!

Todays tune "Chelsea Smile" is taken from the second studio album "Suicide Season", released on 29 September 2008. The album was recorded in Arboga, an isolated Swedish village.

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