Friday, November 4, 2011

Anna Ternheim - The Longer The Waiting, The Sweeter The Kiss

Anna Ternheim has just released his fourth album "The Night Visitor", an album that she recorded in Nashville with Matt Sweeney, Dave Ferguson and Cowboy Jack Clement who together have impressive musical pedigree.

Anna is a lady who for some reason I like very much, that she developed makes her feel very fresh each time a new album coming.

In recent years, Anna lived in the U.S. and you can hear right away that there has been a change in her music. She has matured, received new inspiration, new power. The music has become more sophisticated, without losing its simplicity and the lyrics are beautiful.

The album in its entirety is an incredibly intimate and beautiful album.

Today's tune "The longer the waiting / The sweeter the kiss." It has previously been recorded by American country singer Josh Turner, but in Anna's album has become a awesome beautiful duet between her and Dave Fergusson, who produced the record.

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