Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rival Sons - Soul

Last Thursday, there were music all the way. First release party with Hong Faux, which I talked about yesterday, great to hear them play the new songs live. Unfortunately I did not have the time to stay for the entire gig, was so much in a hurry to Strand to witness the Rival Sons Live, which was something I had really been looking forward to.

On the way there with two buddies, Jojje and Petri (Supralunar), we passed the car to lay off the new Hong Faux vinyl and the new t-shirt that was purchased during the release party, vinyl was however a gift from Björn, in the band as a thank you for the photos in the record inlay, funny as hell that they wanted to use them for the record.. Once we got to the car so I noticed a yellow note on car window ... yikes!

Represses the yellow note and gears up for gig instead, once I entered the Strand, Jeff and The Brotherhood's was playing the last song, time to snap a few pictures, but didn't not have the time really to form an idea of how it was. Before Jeff was playing there was a Swedish band called them self as "Flykten" would have been fun to hear live, will try to watch them some other time, the litte Ive heard, it sounds very interesting.

Then it was time for the main act to get on and the curtain was opened, a wonderful feeling runned through the body, this will be so good. Certain it was so, awsome how good the gig became, what a retroactive feeling, holy moses. We know already that the band is great on record, but they are awsome great live, what emotions they could create, its incredible. The singer sings with incredible feeling and his vocal work is magnificent. Even musicians are tight and well played, the contact between each other is clear as a bell, which can be seen when the jam sessions takes place and when they joke with each other. This was simply a awsome gig even though I missed some songs which I would have liked that were on the set list, as "Face of light" which is one of the best track on the Pressure of Time. But received in other hand "Soul", this song is taken from the EP, which was performed in a completely magical way and it felt like I was going to heaven, shit what I shivered. After the gig the band invited up to hang around and drink some beer and talk about this, which we of course did.

Here is some pictures from the show!

More pictures will be added later on the facebook!

Todays tune "Soul" is taken from their selftitled ep.

Rivals Sons - 'Soul' Live At The Bob Bauer Studio Detroit

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Spader Ess said...

Cant do anything than agree, best show in a long time. And there is no doubt that I will go again as soon as they come around again.

Stones said...

Yer, one of this years best show sofar. I had a dream that they would come back soon, certainly hope that it will be true.