Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hong Faux - Blade

Last week I attended a release party at Marie Laveau in Stockholm, Hong Faux and of the long awaited debut full length on vinyl , a very nice meeting, one almost as a buddy meeting. I went there with two good friends and Thetania. Unfortunately this collided a bit with our plans, Thetania worked at Debaser, as you could read about yesterday. And I actually had a ticket to Rival Sons, more about that tomorrow. Too bad, had actually wanted to stay all night, drink a beer or two and talk.

Their gig was really good, but missed the last songs as I had to rush to the other place, What I could hear was excellent, would like to see them soon again. It is a bit sad that the place have no light, it is horrible, really bad for a live band and even worse for a photographer, it is almost impossible to get good pictures, so you have to make do with them few that in fact possible to watch.

Anyway, now I have their album "The Crown That Wears The Head" and can say to that this record swining like hell, What a record, see if I throw up a review on WeRock in the future, depends a little how much time i have, been kinda busy latley.

Hong Faux actually did two release parties for this album, the first went off in Umeå the day before.

For those of you who can’t make it to these shows, the album will be available through our web shop as long as the few copies last. Buy it here!

Here is a some pictures:

Today's song "Blade", is taken from their EP, is not included on the new record, which in turn makes it a little exclusive.

Hong Faux EP by Johan Bergqvist

Found a video from the day before which becomes a little bonus!
Hong Faux live at Scharinska Umeå Sweden playing Bad City Blues

Hong Faux's debut album.
releases 16 November 2011
Written, performed and produced by Hong Faux.
Recorded by Hong Faux and Fredrik Moberg at Bad Boar Studios and Green Room Studios, 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden.
All lyrics by Nik Seren.
Mixed by Sebastian "Bremen" Forslund.
Mastered for vinyl by Magnus Lindberg.
Cover artwork and design by Mathew Bethancourt.
Inner sleeve design by Johan Bergqvist, which also contains pictures from me:)

More info @

Official Hong Faux Web
Official Hong Faux Bandcamp

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