Saturday, January 28, 2017

Megatherium - Fly High

Coming from over 15 years of different music genres in many bands of Verona, Italy (Aneurysm, Gen Marrone, Mr. Wilson, Lokomotive, Elicotrema), the four members of MEGATHERIUM joined 4 years ago to provide unique stoner doom riffing, heavy distortion and a strong metal attitude, inspired by bands as SLEEP, DOWN, CONAN and CAVITY.

"Superbeast" is the sum of three years of composition and live-shows. A gigantic creature, emerging from the darkest abyss, evoked by low-tuning music, tons of decibels, heavy riffings and obsessive sounds. "Superbeast" collects both the earliest stoner influences and the most recent psych-doom compositions. Lyrics deal with apocalypse, destruction, reborn, sin, redemption, good and evil. "Superbeast" was released November 4, 2016, Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gianluca Bianco at Gypsy Studio, Verona, Italy. Artwork:


Manuele 'Manu' † vocals, fx
Fabio 'Zekimmortal' † bass, vocals
Davide 'Borto' † guitar
Stefano 'Torre' † drums

Today's tune "Fly High", taken from the first full-lengh album "Superbeast". The Video was directed by: Luca Chiavegato and Flavio Ferranti Thanks to: Silvia, Agnese, Pietro, Nicola

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