Saturday 14 January 2017

Tiamat - The Sleeping Beauty

Category Six: 
(Optional tune) 
taken from the annual hard rock evening. 

For this category my choice was the Swedish Psychedelic Rockers SALEMs POT with the excellent tune "Tranny Takes A Trip". Not so popular around metal heads, but I like it :)
Other tunes that was played.

CARDINAL SIN - Spiteful Intent
SALEM POT - Tranny Takes A Trip
TIAMAT - The Sleeping Beauty
SKELETONWITCH - Red Death, White Light
LIZETTE & - Reduced
MACHINE HEAD - Is There Anybody out There?
ARTILLERY - Bombfood

(Missing songs from two participants).

Today's tune "The Sleeping Beauty" was Sköldans choice, great one indeed, the tune is taken from the third full-length album "Clouds" by TIAMAT. This album was issued in 1992 through Century Media Records.

Clouds expanded upon the death/doom sound of the previous album by introducing a broader focus on melodic and goth rock-inspired elements, including occasional clean vocals, while retaining much of the crushing death/doom edge and Edlund's guttural death growl.

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