Sunday, January 15, 2017

Supermachine - Heavy Bullet

Today we present Category Seven: 
(Optional Tune) 
taken from the annual hard rock evening.

Interesting line up of tunes here, a really good mix of rock, hard rock, metal and death metal. My choice was the Zürich based extreme metal band BÖLZER with the sludge tune The Archer. 

LIK - Endless Oceans of Blood
BÖLZER - The Archer 
MOTÖRHEAD - Born To Raise Hell
INCITER - From Within
ALTER BRIDGE - White Knuckles 
SUNBURST - Out of the World
PARADISE LOST - Small Town Boy

Today's tune "Heavy Bullet" with the Southern New Hampshire rockers SUPERMACHINE, a tune that was taken from the bands self titled debut, released May 10, 2013.

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4 kommentarer:

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Jag gillar svänget. Och saknar Small Stones Records!

Stones said...

Verkligen bra sväng. Vad menar du, har Small Stone lagt ner?

Mick said...

Heavy Bullet is one of my favorites, then of course I'm prejudice because I played drums on it.

Stones said...

Haha of course :) Well it's a great album, I hope you guys will make a new one soonish.