Sunday, January 8, 2017

Toad - Stay

Sunday, time for a classic!

TOAD were a Swiss hard rock band, formed by ex-BRAINTICKET members in Basel, Switzerland during 1970.

Their best known songs were covers of JIMI HENDRIXs "Purple Haze" and THE BEATLES "I Saw Her Standing There", along with originals "Usin' My Life" and "Stay!". Their first two albums were engineered by Martin Birch.

Though the band was not commercially successful outside of their own country, they were a popular live act because of their furiosity, musicianship and stage antics. Most notably when lead guitarist Vic Vergeat played the guitar with his teeth. Their concerts were often compared to those of JIMI HENDRIX.

The band went through lineup changes during its history, but the longest lasting and most consistent lineup was Vic Vergeat: lead guitar and vocals, Werner Fröhlich: bass and vocals and Cosimo Lampis: drums.

Today's tune "Stay" is taken from "Toad", the eponymous debut album by the Swiss rock band of the same name. It was engineered by legendary British producer Martin Birch. After the recording finished, singer Benjamin Jaeger left the group and was not replaced. The Video is from 1971, enjoy!

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