Friday, January 13, 2017

Black Label Society - Fire It Up

Category five of eight: 
 (Orderly heavy, max 110bpm) 
is up for this dark Friday the 13th, taken from the annual hard rock evening. 

My choice was the American rockers in DOPETHRONE and the heavy piece "Shot Down" that I chose mostly because of all the violence that we have in the world right now.

Other tunes that was played. 

MORGANA LEFAY - Rooms of Sleep
DOWN - Stone the Crow
BLACK STONE CHERRY - The Way of the Future
JEFF BECK - Right Now
AMON AMARTH - One Thousand Burning Arrows
TEMPLE OF VOID - Rot In Solitude

(Missing songs from two participants).

Today's tune "Fire It Up" by heavy metal band BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, an excellent choice of "Jens", heavy piece indeed. The tune is taken from the sixth studio album "Mafia", released March 8, 2005. The track "In This River" was written before the death of Zakk Wylde's friend and fellow guitarist Dimebag Darrell, but it has since been dedicated to him.

The track was featured in the 2005 game Guitar Hero. The end of "Death March" quotes the intro to "Fire It Up".

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