Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Megadeth - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

Today we present category seven (The song that represents the musical best decade) taken from the annual hard rock evening that always occur on eve of Twelfth Night.

Category seven, felt pretty easy. I was debating with myself whether the music I listen to had its starting point. Was it the 60's or 70's, yes that is the question that went around in my head so I had to make it more simple, so the style that I got caught by at the first was during the 70's when BLACK SABBATH kicked my ass with their heavy rock, LED ZEPPELIN with the beautiful rock and AC/DCs more classical rock, that was great times indeed. So my pick for the evening was the 70's tune "Supernaut", by British heavy metal band BLACK SABBATH. The tune is taken from the fourth studio album "Vol. 4", released in September 1972.

Today's tune is taken from the 90's, a choice made by Magnus Ö who think the 90's is the best musical decade.

This years line up of categories and my choices:

1. Joy of Play and Swing. - CLUTCH "Noble Savage"
2. Best finish/end song. - D-A-D "Laugh 'n' A ½"
3. In The Shadow Of Big Four. - TESTAMENT "Over The Wall"
4. Good although they sing in Swedish. - SKRAECKOEDLAN "Cactus"
5. Best song from the 2015 best album. - TRIBULATION "Melancholia"
6. God Save The Queen. - ACCEPT "London Leatherboys".
7. The song that represents the musical best decade. - BLACK SABBATH "Supernaut"
8. Best right now.

Here are a few of the other tunes that was played during this evening.

ANCIIENTS "Raise The Sun"
TESTAMENT "Down For Life"
VERSE "The New Fury"
OZZY OSBOURNE "I Dont Know" (Live)
D-A-D "Sleeping My Day Away"
BLACK SABBATH "After Forever"
MEGADETH "Holy Wars"
AMULET "The Gauntlet"
IRON MAIDEN "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"

Today's tune "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" is the opening track of thrash metal band MEGADETHs 1990 album "Rust in Peace". The song has an unusual structure, shifting at 2:26 after an acoustic bridge by Marty Friedman to a different, slower and heavier section called "The Punishment Due", before speeding up again. The entire song is commonly referred to as "Holy Wars".

Tomorrow we present the last category "Best right now".

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