Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tune Of The Day - Top 50 - 2015 (50-41)

Now we almost reached the end of this year, December 16th and during this time of the year it's time to sum it all up and present all the best that 2015 have given us.

Once again it has been a really decent year album wise. Shit loads of money have been spent on records that now is going to fight for the top spots on Tune of the days Top 50 list, yes top 50 this year :) I had really hard to choose this year, to many good records have been released. And of course many great records have unfortunately fallen off the list, but the music heart have decided and now when I look at it, it was not quite what I had expected from the beginning, but what the heck it's my choices and hope that some records might hook you up and that you soon might buy a few of them to support the artists that have put all their soul into the creation of all the wonderful tunes.

First up we present this year's best albums between 50 - 41. Where you get the first 10 at once. Today's tune will be publish later on this evening. So here we go!

50. Imperial State Electric - Honk Machine

"Honk Machine" is a blast of pure rock fun with cherry picks of the best elements of the 60’s & 70’s. classics.

49. Thunder - Wonder Days
The British veteran hard rockers THUNDER releases a real "Wonder" after six year hiatus. "Wonder Days"  is a real contemporary cool back to retro-rock. A great British rock album.

48. Refused - Freedom
After 17 years, REFUSED has returned with a new shape of Freedom that’s just as wild and eclectic as their last.

47. Blackberry Smoke - Holding all the Roses
"Holding All The Roses" is simply a great record that I enjoy listen to. This is the record that could expand their base exponentially.

46. Tallest Man on Earth - Dark Bird is Home
"Dark Bird is Home" is Kristian Matsson's darkest album, but still it's a grandiose master piece in the Singer Song Writer genre.

45. Vidunder - Oracles and Prophets
70's organ stoner rock with loads of raw wonderful riffs.

44. Enslaved - In Times
"In Times" is an experimental metal record with duelling solos and epic keyboard swells.

43. Danko Jones - Fire Music
"Fire Music" is stuffed with clichés but still it's a badass DANKO JONES record!

42. Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls
"The Book of Souls" is collaborative mindset of 92 minutes of produced heavy metal heaven and it's easy the most confident work since "Brave New World".

41. Beardfish - +4626 - Comfortzone
The Swedish progressive rockers have released an complex and long-winded album that is full of real earworms.

Today's tune comes soonish.

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

....lite snål placering av MAIDEN tycker jag nog. Fascinerande bra och stark platta av ett band jag trodde somnat in!

Stones said...

Så kan man ju tycka, dock har den inte snurrat så mycket så att den förtjänade högre än detta även om det är den starkaste de har gjort på väldigt länge så blev de tyvärr omkörda av övriga.