Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Khemmis - Absolution

KHEMMIS, A quartet from Denver US, grabs the 2:nd place with the début "Absolution".

"Absolution" have all the components that's needed to be a listenable record. A slow, heavy doom album with melodic nasty guitar tones that reminiscent of stoner metal and a mix of contemporary sludge. It's progressive and brutal without getting too much in one direction. The riffs are cleaver, where the solos partly sings "classic metal" and the rhythm section doing their job to create a massive heavy and progressive atmosphere. The vocals are mixed between deadly growls and very clean. A terrific way to work out the vocal part on this record. The result is "Absolution" a six track, forty-minute journey of properly crafted tunes that shows a very high level writing skill and musicianships. KHEMMIS music breathe fresh and forge a new brick to what heavy progressive doom rock is in 2015.

Today's tune "The Bereaved" taken from "Absolution", enjoy!

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