Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Tribulation - The Children Of The Night

At the first place we have the Swedish death metal band TRIBULATION with the best album of 2015 "The Children of the Night".

That TRIBULATION have been exceeded themselves with a magnificent release as this amaze me, holy moses what a album. With the new record the band continue to embrace their signature sound and shows a really wide spectrum of guitar tones and harmonies. The MORBID ANGEL influence that haunted previous albums have slightly changed to more traditional NWOBHM style and classic heavy metal, but also goth and some progressive rock form the 70's. The aggression and occult overtones are still intact and with Johannes gruff monotone vocals the dramatic parts gets life to the songs. In these days it’s hard to stand out, but TRIBULATION has achieved just that and made the best album of 2015!

Today's tune "Melancholia" is taken from "The Children Of The Night"

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Christofer said...

Värdig vinnare, en mycket bra platta det där. Gott Nytt År på er!

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Värdig och rätt vinnare!