Friday, 11 December 2015

Planet of Zeus - Sworn to Αvenge

Friday, Lucia is done with the kids, Pizza was ordered and eaten, got a beer in my hand and Greek Vinyl is spinning on the record player and I feel free, a lovely evening that I hope will last for a few hours and I'm really looking forward to a free weekend without any musts.

A few days ago I returned from a trip in Europe with HONG FAUX and CLUTCH. A tour were I returned to venues that I already visit before, always nice to bump into folks that you already have met once, make things much easier. During this tour there was two bands that shared the support, the first band that did we did two shows with was the heavy rock, southern metal band PLANET OF ZEUS from Athens, Greece. A cool bunch of guys that really rocked live, where the last show at Grosse Freiheit 36 was a killer were the guys gave everything they had. A thrill to see them play.
I wish them luck with forthcoming music creations and I hope we see each other soon again.

Live shot from Grosse Freiheit 36 - 2015
The band formed in 2000 and since then have extensively toured around Greece, playing in every venue possible, ranging from shitholes to stadiums. Their raw, sincere and constantly evolving live performances have secured them a loyal and hardcore underground following base, which exceeds Greece's geographical boarders and has led them to sharing the stage with acts like HERMANO and Brant Bjork, MONSTER MAGNET, KARMA TO BURN, EYEHATEGOD, CHURCH OF MISERY. Their highly successful 2011 Greek tour, which included all Greek major cities, their participation in the Stoned from the Underground Festival in Germany and their cult music videos led to this year's sold out PLANET OF ZEUSs Athenian concert. A concert which took place in front of an 800 people audience.

PLANET OF ZEUS have released 3 albums. “Eleven the hard way”, in April 2008 through Casket Music/ Copro Records (UK) and “Macho Libre”, in May 2011, through B-Otherside Records. Both albums have sold-out and are waiting to be re-released. The latest and 3:rd release was "Vigilante" in April 2014. PLANET OF ZEUSs songs have been also featured in several underground compilations such as the Spinalonga vol. 1&2. Both albums have received attention and reviews beyond expectation.


“…a trio of hairy-assed stoners…indeed” ..Bruce Dickinson (Friday Rock Show@ BBC’s 6music radio) 

Today's tune "Sworn to Αvenge" is the new song by PLANET OF ZEUS, featured in the movie "The Republic" by director Dimitris Tzetzas, out now in Greek cinemas. Directed & Edited by Dimitris Tzetzas Music by PLANET OF ZEUS. Produced by ABC Production SA Based on the Motion Picture "The Republic" 2015.

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Official Planet of Zeus Web

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