Thursday, 31 December 2015

Kid Rock - Happy New Year

Time to play the last tune of 2015. I hope that you all had a great 2015 and get even better 2016. All the love and happiness to you! Rock on!

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The last tune "Happy New Year" is taken from Kid Rock's  album Rebel Soul, an album where he returned to more of a party rocker vibe after 2010's more serious "Born Free". The album starts off with "Chickens In The Pen", a song about a fictional brothel called the Dew Drop Inn. The song has a sing-along chorus and is equal parts blues and funk. "Let's Ride" was the album's sole hit, charting at No 105 on the Hot 100 and No 16 on the mainstream rock charts. It is a heavy heartland rocker that was a military anthem. The song was originally titled "The Battle Hymn Of The Middle East". "3 CATT Boogie" launches into the subjects of corrupt government and banks over a honky tonk doo wop blues number. Detroit, Michigan was reworked Motown cover by Ronnie Love. The southern fried funk title track told the tale of a loner while "God Save Rock N Roll" was the backwoods cousin of Bad Company's "Shooting Star". Though this song was actually about his struggles then rise in the business. "Happy New Year" is tongue-in-cheek Motown come on to an ex. "Celebrate" is a rock song bout sex when daddy away. "The Mirror" is a dark broken blues song with flourishes of techno that give it a haunting intro. The song deals with coming to terms that he doesn't love his self through all his binges of drugs and alcohol and only has himself to blame. "Mr Rock N Roll" is nothing but classic rock titles put in an order to where they tell a story behind a 1950s-style boogie rock number. "Cucci Galore" is old school throw back of Kid Rock's hip-hop days.The song is a re-write of an Ultra V song. " Cocaine And Gin" is a country blues song pining over losing his girl. The final track is "Midnight Ferry", which is a rewrite of Van Morrison's "Bulbs" about leaving a relationship.

"Cucci Galore", "Happy New Year", "Rebel Soul" and "Redneck Paradise" all failed to chart. "Rebel Soul" became his first studio album since 1996's Early Mornin Stoned Pimp not to go platinum.

Today's tune "Happy New Year" is taken from "Rebel Soul", the ninth studio album by Kid Rock

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