Monday, 7 December 2015

Anna Ternheim - For The Young

New week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"For The Young" is the sixth album by singer songwriter Anna Ternheim.

She have been with me for a long time, some how I always liked her stripped down and melancholy tunes. I am amazed how Anna Ternheim manages to exceed the expectations built up time after time. It's four years since her last album "The Night Visitor" and now she does it again with her sixth album "For The Young".

The album is an honest and melancholy record that keep an excellent class with an very good production. She have a very tasteful seriousness that's vulnerable in it's nakedness. The are many great tune, to be honest, there is no bad once. There are a few that stands out a little like the first single "Still a beautiful day"is a great popish tune and "Hours" that was Tune Of the Day a week ago. The softish "For the young" is a beauty and the great "Only Those Who Love". "Do not leave" is gorgeous.

This is a top-notch album wrapped nicely with Ternheim-magic. She does it again, simply.

Today's tune and "Record Of The Week" is "For The Young", the title track from Anna Ternheim latest album.

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