Sunday, 25 April 2010

Raubtier - Kamphund

Skrikhult had a gig at Klubben "Bandit All Ages"
It was really..."All Ages"
Klubben went crazy when this band from
Haparanda, Sweden, its really up north.

Saw them once when Stones and I were up there.
Raubtier grew a lot since then, but the same
energic agressive music :)

Saw a lot of people leave after Raubtier finnished.
I asked´them why I mean Plan Three and Corroded
should play, but they just said; Well the best band playd.
A couple were standing and were just leaving, this girl
were really dissapointed cos they didnt sell their
latest album at the selling point.
I heard that and asked her if I could help her.
She smiled with her whole face and said YESSS!!

I went backstage and knocked on their door
and explained her dilemma :)
One of em said yeah matter of fact we do have
3 ex here, I asked them if they could sign
it as well, they said sure.

I realized the singer knew Stones since he had
a record store up there.

Great guys!

Ahwell, here they are in a tune called Kamphund.

Cheers, Thetania

Here is another one with just sound.

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