Monday, 19 April 2010

Megadeth - The Right To Go Insane

After he left Metallica in 1983, guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine formed the thrash metal quartet Megadeth. By streamlining the classic thrash metal approach and making the music more threatening, as well as making the lyrics more nihilistic, Megadeth became one of the leading bands of the genre during the mid-'80s and late '80s. There have both upsides and downsides for Megadeth during the years, but they have released a new album at regular intervals and latest "Endgame" came last year.

On May 17, 1995, a U.S. Army veteran and unemployed plumber in San Diego, Shawn Timothy Nelson, snapped and stole an M60 Patton tank from a nearby National Guard Armory. He drove down the highway, crushing cars, fire hydrants and an RV before he was stopped and killed by police.

The headline-grabbing story forms the basis of Megadeth's new video for 'The Right to Go Insane,' the second single from the band's acclaimed 2009 disc 'Endgame.' In the clip, which surprisingly features no performance footage, frontman Dave Mustaine is filmed sneaking onto a military facility, stealing a tank and playing crash-up derby through the streets. Video footage from the cockpit shows him singing and laughing, while shots from a surveillance helicopter depict a missile gunsight tracking him as he pillages.

Photo: Michael Johansson
More info: Official Megadeth Website

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Bra val, faktiskt ett av de bästa spåren från senaste plattan - som i sig var bra och växer för varje lyssning. Den här låten fastnade rejält på mig vid nattlyssning i lurar på solsemester i Spanien, när resten av famljen sov...

Stones said...

Ja den är faktiskt riktigt bra, urskön video dessutom.
Inte helt fel att ha Megadeth i lurarna när man är på Solsemester.