Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dark Funeral - My Funeral

Dark Funeral is a black metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. They formed at a time when the Scandinavian metal scene was becoming flooded with bands but survived with pride and kept the old school sound. Dark Funeral emerged as one of the most exciting groups in the genre.

Lord Ahriman and his team consider themselves one of the last "true black metal band". Today to define Black Metal as a genre is quite hard, because of the slight differences between the stiles and the band's "philosophy". Lord Ahriman define their music as (using Ahriman's own words) "Hyper Speed Black Metal".

When Dark Funeral enters the stage at Klubben on Monday evening to do the last show on their own soil, they gave the impression that they wanted to kick ass. The audience starting on half speed during the first tunes. But that didn't disturb the guys at all, they smack, bang, boom like never before, as super-pros they are, a mood that the end is worthy the sound of a show at Wacken. A notable thing is that the guys have a fantastic sound witch is not so common at that place. The band is very tight and the demonic vocals of Emperor Magus Caligula is superb.

Among the songs works Stigmata and The Birth Of The vampiir well as other tunes like Goddess of sodomy or the girl dedicated My Latex Queen. Another notable thing is that in the end of the gig (Last tune i think) the skin of the kick drum broke so Emperor Magus Caligula start to tell some stories during this time of the "gaffa time". As soon it was done the band started again, but as the drummer kicks like an horse so the gaffa lasted only for a few minutes until it broke again and at this time the band decided to ended the show. This was very bad for the guys as they did record this show for a possible live recording later on. The final thoughts of the show is that this was a hell of a gig.

Here is a picture of the stage set.

Todays tune is "My Funeral (Uncut Version)" the first video from "Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus" Enjoy this hell ride!

Here is some picture from the show.

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