Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pink Floyd - Money

Im in a classic mood :D

This song was very hipp when I was young.. Gosh time goes by..
Anyway, This tune builds up´in a very awesome way and you
just have to listen it load as hell, then...then relax and just enjoy.

Pink Floyd what about them?
Well they started 1965 with Roger Waters, Nick Mason,
Richard Wright, and Syd Barrett (died in 2006) .

On 10 May 2007 Waters and Pink Floyd performed separately
at the Syd Barrett tribute concert at the Barbican Centre in London.
The event, organised by Joe Boyd and Nick Laird-Clowes,
saw the band perform some of Barrett's hits, such as "Bike",
and "Arnold Layne". In a January 2007
interview Waters suggested he had become more
open to a Pink Floyd reunion:
"I would have no problem if the rest of them wanted
to get together.
It wouldn’t even have to be to save the world.
It could be just because it would be fun."

Pink Floyd's classic line-up is
Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason

Think they did around 14 albums.
This tune comes from their sixt studio album "The Dark Side of the Moon"
and was released in 1973 and reached the UK Albums Chart as a #2
and US Billboard 200 as # 1.

Enjoy Dudes and Dudettes,

Live version

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Ah! Classic! Nice! :)

Thetania said...

Ja, nice e verkligen ordet!
Den håller undantagslöst i dag med.