Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seasick Steve - Cut My Wings

Seasick Steve an old friend on Tune Of The Day, Steve is on the way to release a new album "Man From Another Time" on October 19. I have been listning to it on his MySpace and its sounding great, nice swamp blues. A little more laid back and thought thru album. I really like his way to bend his strings and how he is making his tunes, its with a great feeling and its well done, this is a record that i need to get, thats for sure.
So if you like him, check up his MySpace for a taste.
During this release there is a opportunity to get hands on a nice bundle package of his latest thing.
Check the Stevie shop on you'll see that in addition to the exclusive website version of the album itself, with 2 bonus tracks and a fold-out poster of the full artwork, we've put together a limited edition 'bundle' which will include the website version of the album itself, plus a 12" gatefold vinyl album, 12" print of the artwork, sew-on patch, t-shirt, and tote bag!! And when you are on to it already, sign up for his mailing list and you will get three live tracks, is that a killer or what!!

About Seasick Steve name, well..."because it's just true: He always get seasick." When he was ill on a cruise in Norway, later in his life, a friend began playfully using the name and it stuck.

Seasick Steve currently live in Norway and the UK and has three grown-up sons.
One of his sons, Didrik, is an illustrator who designed the artwork and website of the "I Started Out With Nothin and i Still Got Most of it Left" album. His youngest son, Paul Martin Wold, played drums on Dog House Music and first made a guest appearance with him on percussion/drums at the Astoria in January, 2008 and has since performed with Seasick Steve frequently, playing washboard, shakers, tambourine, floor tom and occasionally guitar. He also works as Steve's guitar-tech. Paul Martin Wold, aka Wishful Thinking will be releasing his debut album 'A Waste of Time Well Spent' on November 2, 2009 and will showcase a selection from the album whilst touring the UK with Seasick Steve.

Todays tune is taken from his 2:nd album "Dog House Music". Im sure more will come as soon as the new record is out, in the mean time enjoy this tune!

More info @
Seasick Steve's Official Website or his Official MySpace

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