Saturday, October 10, 2009

Europe - Start From The Dark

I just have to show u some more Europe.
This is a totally blowout for me as I have always been into
hard rock as Sabbath and Led Zeppelin as a youngster and now
even harder stuff.
Europe has always been a bit "not hard enough"

Then Europe released "Start from the dark"....
I heard them on the radio and just runned
and bought it and even BOUGHT a ticket to their concert in
Hovet (I rarely buy as work with concerts).
But I couldnt miss it...Sitting there and damn even "Final Countdown"
was a thrill.. I was amazed!
Got gose bums when the sound battered,
and the whole Hovet continue to sang the song for about 3 minutes.

Europe have a gig here in Stockholm at the 28th of December 2009.
Im gonna work thats for sure :D

Ah well here is the the song with the same name!


Love, Thetania

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