Friday, October 2, 2009

Europe - Last Look At Eden

WH000 H00!

A Good Swedish Rock band!!

I´ve had so much to say about this band...and it havent been good, most of the time
But the band last 3 albums been awesome!!!!

John Norum came back and Joe Tempest came from England
and then they did "Start From The Dark"
second was "Secret Society"
and now their latest album "Last Look At Eden"

Well Im sure it wasent all that simple but...The sound is
much harder and more feeling in it...and Joe isnt that much
"Hey im the greatest in Europe"
There are so many great artists in that group!!!

Here we go:
Joey Tempest - lead vocals, acoustic & rhythm guitar, keyboards
John Norum - lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
John Levén - bass
Mic Michaeli - keyboards, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Ian Haugland - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Ian the drummer is a great radio dj as well,
I laughed my butt off when he is in his mood.

Europe was formed in Upplands Väsby in 1979 under the
name Force by vocalist Joey Tempest and guitarist John Norum.
John Levén came into the band around 1981.
Keyboardist Mic Michaeli was recruited to play in live
concerts around 1985, and became an official member
of the band shortly after. At the same time,
Tony Reno was fired because of his
lack of motivation and alleged slacking off
on rehearsals. His replacement was Ian Haugland.

Ah well you will surely get the rest another day..
Here u have a tune from Europe´s new album with
the same name.

Enjoy Dudes and Dudettes!

Cheers, Thetania

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