Monday, October 26, 2009

Wolfmother - New Moon Rising

Wolfmother the Aussie hard rock band is back with a new album.
Friday was the offical day for the release of "Wolfmother's" new album "Cosmic Egg" the band is offering their entire album as a stream on their myspace profile now, so take a peak and listen, i have been listening to it for a few days now. And what i can tell from my point of view is that the band "Headman" Andrew Stockdale is doing a marvelous work with the writing and the musical composing of the "Cosmic Egg" together with his new band mates, The title of the album comes from a position in yoga described by vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale as "like the fetal pose.

From the first banging riff to the last all with fantastic lyrics and great groove through the hole album so the conclusion of this is that this is a great follow up record. Cosmic Egg is a album that i do recomend for all rockers who like this sound to buy!

The 1st of February 2010 is a gig planned at Berns in Stockholm, see you there :)

Todays tune is New Moon Rising from Cosmic Egg, enjoy this rock piece.

More info @ Wolfmother's Official Website or Wolfmother at MySpace

Canadian radio station The Edge revealed, according to an interview with lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, that the song "was inspired by some very odd encounters he had after work," quoting him as saying the following:

“When I'd drive home, like at the end of the night, I'd see all these like native animals that I'd never seen in my entire life. Like, I was driving along and in the middle of the road was this four-foot-high koala. And I've never seen a koala! Another night I saw an animal with spikes all over it. So it was kind of bizarre, like, around the time of "New Moon Rising," I saw a lot of, like, wildlife that people even in that town said they'd never seen their whole life"

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