Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Candlemass - The Omega Circle

Category 3: "Best Right Now" time to see what's got played during the "Hardrock Evening" that when off at the Twelfth Night, 5th of January.

1. A Band That Should Have Been Bigger:
2. Highfaluting:
3. Best Right Now:
4. Twin Guitars:
5. Best Textstrophe:
6. It Swings:
7. After Party:
8. Bonus:

"Best Right Now",  could be the best category to pick tunes to, here you get a chance to show off :) Or at least play something that you really like and would love to share with your pals. This category tends to be really sprawling, some find the most obscure tune, were others play their nr 1 of the year. Really fun category.  My choice for the evening was a pretty late call, got a tip from my friend Linus at Soundpollution Record store, this was in the middle of December and I got hooked right on the spot, even got lost in my search for something interesting to buy...haha. My tune for the evening was the Cologne, German-based Death Metal band CHAPEL OF DISEASE with the track "Void Of Words". A band that really plays the pants off anyone, great mixture of Progressive Death Metal, Rock 'n Roll, Blues and Metal, Check it up.

The others line up:

TRIBULATION "Nightbound" - Hellan (Perfect tune from the best album 2018)
THRON "Dead Souls" - Sandström (Massive tune, great choice)
CANDLEMASS "The Omega Circle" - Chief Rebel (Excellent CANDLEMASS tune)
BLOODBATH "Bloodicide"- Holm (Good Choice)
HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY "Fire Walk With Me"- M Öbrink (Wow, another superb tune)
PARADISE LOST "Small Town Boy" - Eriksdotter (Excellent tune, but she got a yellowcard, as this tune have already been played before.)
BAEST "Crosswhore" (Never heard this one before, heavy tune)
AMORPHIS "Wrong Direction" - Jens (Great pick from Jens, AMORPHIS one more time.)
CHAPEL OF DISEASE "Void Of Words" - Stones

"The Omega Circle" is a choice picked by Chief, an excellent tune with the epicus singer Johan Langquist is back after a 32 year hiatus replacing Mats Levén who’s been with the band since 2012.
He sounds even better than before, wow. Enjoy.

From the album "The Door to Doom" February 22, 2019 Napalm Records.

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