Sunday, 6 January 2019

Accept - Burning

Yesterday, on the Twelfth Night it was time for the annual hard rock evening that always takes place on eve of Twelfth Night.

At always it's with great excitement when this day come, it's a day that I was really looking forward to, mostly for meet up with friends that share the same love for music as I do and play some good music over a few pints and the annual Pizza :)

During this evening music will be played by following a couple of predetermined categories that have been choosed a 5 monthes before the event.

The evening will go by with first category, where everyone gets their chance to play their piece of music and will explain their view and perception of the category that is current to play. After and during the music played there will be disscusions if not everyone agrees and if they do, they will enjoy and clap their hands. The nice thing is you will get their thoughts and ideas for the tune they play and if there is a story they will tell and that's the great thing about it.

And it is with great pleasure to play true the record that you have put together over the Christmas break and to hear what the other participants have made up for this event. This is a great opportunity to discovering some new music, but the best of all is that you get an evening together with friends of the same kind, where the music is the topic, one thing that I hold so dear!

So in the biggest secrets I have carved out the tracks for this evening. But as usual the record was made in the last minute. Some of the tunes were pretty obvious through the presentation of the 2018s best albums that was publish here during Christmas and New Year.

As always it's really difficult to choose songs. This year I never got time for a theme, but overall it ended up pretty Ok after all. The categories for this year was made up with during a few votes, can't remember what exactly I voted for except for the "It Swings", but here they are. And during some pipe circumstances and fotboll cup and few guys dropped off, so an extra bonus category got added in the last minute.

1. Bands That Should Have Been Bigger:
2. Highfaluting
3. Best Right Now:
4. Twin Guitars:
5. Best Textstrophe:
6. It Swings:
7. After Party:
8. Bonus

So over the next week I'll present all the categories in the order of recording, Monday = "Bands That Should Have Been Bigger", Tuesday = "Highfaluting", doing one extra for today as the "Bonus" that got added. The rest of the upcoming week I will mix mine with the other participants choices, so here we go.

This years lineup!
So for the last piece on the evening that not got played by all, mostly because it was late and not all had the chance to prepare for it. Anyway, some tunes got played.

Robert: DÉCEMBRE NOIR - Between Silence And Shards
Gustavsson: ACCEPT - Burning
Magnus Ö: WOODS OF YPRES - Allure of the earth
Holm: STUCK MOJO 🤘🏽Drawing Blood
Hellan: OZZY OSBOURNE - Hellraiser
Stones: NECROPHOBIC - Tsar Bomba

So for today as it's Sunday, a classic like ACCEPT suits fine.

"Burning" is a song by German heavy metal band ACCEPT, from their album "Breaker", released in 1981. Written and composed by Wolf Hoffmann, Peter Baltes, Jörg Fischer, Stefan Kaufmann and Udo Dirkschneider, it was also released as a single with "Down and Out" as the B-side. Two other songs on the Breaker album ("Breaker" and "Starlight") were also released as singles in 1981.

The original recording of "Burning" is notable for a fake live performance; it was recorded with crowd noise mixed in instead of being recorded at a concert. "Burning" appears on eight of Accept compilation albums: Restless The Best (1982), Best of... (1983), Midnight Highway (1983), Hungry Years (1985), The Collection (1991), Steel Glove (1995), Sharkbite – Best Of (2005) and The Accept Collection (2010).

Burning live in Copenhagen, Denmark 1995. Predator tour, enjoy!

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