Saturday, 12 January 2019

Hank Von Hell - Pretty Decent Exposure

Category six, we are closing in, let's see what got played during the "Hardrock Evening" that when off at the Twelfth Night, 5th of January.

1. A Band That Should Have Been Bigger:
2. Highfaluting:
3. Best Right Now:
4. Twin Guitars:
5. Best Text Strophe:
6. It Swings:
7. After Party:
8. Bonus:

"It Swings", this one I like, to pick a tune that swings was pretty easy, a tune that make your boody move should be the trick, so my first choice was RIVAL SONS with the tune "Keep On Swinging", the tune was a success at the evening :)

Here is the line up for "It Swings"

SULPHUR AEON "Lungs Into Gills" - Sandström (Heavy piece)
DIRT FORGE "Stone" - Chief Rebel (Another new one from Chief, sounds great)
OZZY "S.A.T.O." - Holm (Cool choice)
LIK "The Deranged" - M Öbrink (Great tune)
METAL ALLEGIANCE "Can’t Kill The Devil" - Hellan (Heavy rocker)
HANK VON HELVETE "Pretty Decent Exposure" - Eriksdotter (Great tune)
DEATH ALLEY "Headlights In The Dark"  - P Öbrink (Bluesy rock piece)
RIVAL SONS "Keep On Swinging" - Stones
No pick from Jens (He left the building)

Well this wasn't easy to pick from, but I did like "Pretty Decent Exposure" with HANK VON HELVETE, enjoy! The live clip starts at 03:25 with today's tune.

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