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Spiral Skies - Blues For A Dying Planet

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Blues For A Dying Planet" is the latest release by the Swedish Occult Rock band SPIRAL SKIES. It's the follow up to their debut EP "A Queendom to Come", released in 2015. "Blues For A Dying Planet" was Recorded and mixed by Eric Sandberg at Studio Radioskugga, Stockholm 2017. Mastered by Marco at Analogcut Mastering, Berlin 2018.

With a unique blend of psychedelic folk and doom rock of the early 70’s, like a mix between the classic JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and the more modern THE DEVILs BLOOD. SPIRAL SKIES hails from Stockholm and was formed in 2014.

Spirals of tunes from decades ago colours and creates a thousand skies in space and time.
Mysteries and cosmos alike bring a sound like a day so bright, 
yet so hideous as the edge of the night.
An orchestra from the labyrinth of your mind, the sound of light years passing by, 
the sound of the ride of SPIRAL SKIES.

The band consists of amazingly talent vocalist Frida, a voice like that gives goosebumps as soon as she opens her mouth. Along with Jonas and Dan on the guitars, Daniel on drums and Eric on bass.

"Blues For A Dying Planet" opens up with an organ-driven intro with "Black Hole Waltz" until the rocker "Awakening" kicks in, where we get a classic NWOBHM sound, twin guitars, catchy melody. The powerful "Dark Side Of The Cross"has a cool beat with great riffing and an amazing vocal. "The Wizard’s Ball" has a little slower pace in it's powerful meaning, charming and beautiful vocals along with great playing. Psychedelic and classic rock is the main theme in "Danse Macabre". "Labyrinth Of The Mind", is a rocker with some doomish riffing influenced by SABBATH. "Shattered Hopes" is a psychedelic folkish rocker that gives another side of Frida's singing. "Left Is Right And Right Is Left Behind" is another rocker with psychedelic folk elements in both the melody and vocals, heavy riffing with a neatly done solo. The album ends with the really stunning "The Prisoner", hypnotic tune with seducing vocals, progressive riffing and melody that grabs your soul and gives you an eargasm, wonderful!

The album sounds really good, excellent produced, where all the pieces fall on the right places, well-done guys. Already looking forward to the next release, as far as I know, there is a new single in the pipeline. The Artwork for "In Blues For A Dying Planet" is made by the illustrator Vadim Karasyov.

Sum: "Blues For A Dying Planet" is an excellent album that takes you to new heights.

Today's tune "Awakening" taken from "In Blues For A Dying Planet", released on May 18th, 2018. Enjoy!

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