Monday, 14 January 2019

Chapel Of Disease - ...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye

Monday, time to introduce this years first "Record Of The Week"

German Death Metal legends CHAPEL OF DISEASE released their 3rd full length album "…And As We Have Seen The Storm", We Have Embraced The Eye” released the 23rd of November 2018.

"…And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye" is a 6 track of electrifying death with a great blend of styles and many unexpected turns that makes this a 47 minutes amazing musical experience.

You will get all from melodic and heavy part, amazing guitar works, guttural vocals, death metal, black metal rock, even Mark Knopfler will play a solo for you, well the last one is not true, but it sounds like him (: It's a very creative album.

The album opens up with a impressing tune "Void Of Words", guitar picking, massive chaotic drumming, wonderful melody, guttural vocals along with amazing melodic guitar work and a neatly guitar ending aka Mark Knopfler and the tune ends beautifully and continues onto the next  "Oblivious / Obnoxious / Defiant" with a more sharper layout, stylish loops with cleaver solos in a tune that builds up along the way, the melodic and monotone guitar sling in the end gives me goose bumps. In "Song of the Gods" that starts with a long guitar flicker intro before a enthralling guitar sling takes over and begins the tune, the sling lives true the tune that really sounds great. The forth tune "Null" is one of the longest track on the album, over 9 minutes of chugs, hard riffing, violent drumming and a harsh vocal with a very melodic riffing and the bluesy mid piece that comes from nowhere and I just love it. "1.000 Different Paths" starts of as a doomy goth piece, very melodic and with a vocal that reminds of Jaz Coleman. Half way thru the tune changes shapes to an instrumental love pit. The album ends with "The Sound Of Shallow Grey", the second long running tune on the album, with it's 9 plus minutes forces true on all fronts, melodic and riffy.

"…And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye" is an excellent album that would have been placed high on the years best off list if it had come to my knowledge earlier, got this on my lap in the middle of December.   

Sum: A fantastic surprise that you can't be without when you give it a turn.

The band consists of:

Laurent T. (Vox & Guitars)
Cedric T. (Guitars)
Christian K. (Bass)
David D. (Drums)

Today's tune "Song Of The Gods" taken from the 3rd album " ...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye", enjoy!

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