Thursday, 1 November 2018

Frayle - Witches

The Doom/Stoner Duo FRAYLE was formed in Cleveland in 2017 by Sean Bilovecky and Gwyn Strang.

FRAYLEs “lullabies over chaos” approach to songwriting and their strive to balance the heaviest of riffs, complex layering, tone stacking, syncopated rhythms, with unexpected vocal progressions of Gwyn’s haunting vocal melodies.

Gwyn tells stories of heartbreak, anger, hypocrisy, and resolution, asking the audience for empathy, and in turn inspiring vulnerability.

Drawing inspiration from bands like SLEEP, PORTISHEAD, BEASTWARS, BLONDE REDHEAD, KYUSS, MASSIVE ATTACK, DOWN, CHELSEA WOLFE, and many more, FRAYLE exists at the intersection of doom and dream pop.

They released their "White Witch" on April 1st, 2018, the opens drop tuned and eerie and continues to draw the listener in with heavy slow riffs, light spooky vocals, and doleful lyrics.

Work has already begun on a new full-length album with release pending this summer. Frayle promises to further explore the relationship between crushing riffs and ethereal fragility.

In the mean time for the full-length we pick thier latest tune "Witches", released September 3, 2018 the tune is written by New Zealand sludge metal band BEASTWARS, taken from the album "The Death of All Things" (2016), enjoy today's cover.

Frayle cover of "Witches" by Beastwars.

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