Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Haunt - Burst Into Flame

From the creator of BEASTMAKER comes the thunder and lightning to HAUNT the nation.

The Fresno based heavy metal band HAUNT has released their highly anticipated debut album, "Burst Into Flame" on Shadow Kingdom Records.

Hailing from the United States, HAUNT began as the work of modern renaissance man Trevor William Church. SON OF MONTROSE / Sammy Hagar solo bassist Bill "The Electric" Church, the California native came to prominence as the vocalist/guitarist of doom-lords BEASTMAKER, who've released two critically acclaimed albums on Rise Above. However, as HAUNT, Church went solo and created a bewitching brew of classic, turn-of-the-'80s heavy metal, drawing deeply from the momentous NWOBHM movement.

He proved just how proficient and powerful his vision is with HAUNT's 2017 debut EP, "Luminous Eyes", which was originally self-released but then picked up for a physical release by Shadow Kingdom not long after. In between releases, Church has expanded the lineup to include fellow BEASTMAKER guitarist John William Tucker and the rhythm section of bassist Matthew Wilhoit and drummer Daniel Wilson.

You will "Burst Into Flame" when you put the new album on a spin, traditional heavy metal at it's best.

Today's tune is the title tune from the latest album "Burst Into Flame". The Video is filmed live at Church of the 8th Day & Spaceland @ The Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA. 4-16-2018. Enjoy!

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